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'Hurricane conditions possible' as strengthening Tropical Storm Dorian heads for Caribbean islands

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The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration on Thursday predicted nine to 15 named storms. It says four to eight of them will become hurricanes and two to four of those major hurricanes with 111 mph winds or higher. (May 23) AP

美国国家海洋和大气管理局周四预测了9到15个命名风暴。它说,其中四到八个将成为飓风,两到四个主要飓风,风速为111英里/小时或更高。(5月23日) 美联社(英语新闻)

Forecasters issued tropical storm warnings for several Caribbean islands as strengthening Tropical Storm Dorian approached the region Monday.
  • 由于加强热带风暴多里安周一接近该地区,预报员发布了几个加勒比岛屿的热带风暴警报。

Warning that "hurricane conditions are possible" in the northern Windward Islands, the National Hurricane Center also said the storm could strike the southern part of Puerto Rico as a Category 1 hurricane by Wednesday morning and head toward the Dominican Republic after that.
  • 国家飓风中心警告称,在向风群岛北部可能出现“飓风条件”,该风暴可能会在周三早上袭击波多黎各南部,成为第1类飓风,然后前往多米尼加共和国。

As of 5 p.m. ET, Dorian had maximum sustained winds of 60 mph, with higher gusts, the hurricane center said. The storm is expected to bring tropical storm conditions to the Windward Islands, with rain totals of 3 to 8 inches. Strong winds, rough surf and flooding are all possible, AccuWeather said.
  • 飓风中心表示,截至美国东部时间下午5点,多利安最大持续风速为60英里/小时,阵风较高。预计这场风暴将为迎风群岛带来热带风暴,雨量为3至8英寸。AccuWeather说,强风,粗糙冲浪和洪水都是可能的。

A hurricane watch is in effect for St. Lucia, while tropical storm warnings are in place for Martinique, Barbados and St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Dorian, the fourth named storm of the Atlantic hurricane season, was centered about 60 miles east-southeast of Barbados by 5 p.m., moving west-northwest at 14 mph.
  • 飓风手表对圣卢西亚有效,而马提尼克岛,巴巴多斯和圣文森特和格林纳丁斯则有热带风暴警报。多利安是大西洋飓风季节的第四个风暴,它位于巴巴多斯东南偏东60英里处,下午5点,以14英里/小时的速度向西北偏西移动。

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A satellite image taken Aug, 26, 2019, shows Tropical Storm Dorian (right) approaching the Windward Islands of the Caribbean. (Photo: NOAA)

2019年8月26日拍摄的卫星图像显示热带风暴多里安(右)接近加勒比海的迎风群岛。(照片:NOAA) (双语新闻)

Prime Minister Mia Mottley closed schools and government offices across Barbados as she warned people to remain indoors.
  • 总理Mia Mottley关闭了巴巴多斯各地的学校和政府办公室,因为她警告人们留在室内

“When you’re dead, you’re dead,” she said in a televised address late Sunday. “Stay inside and get some rest.”
  • “当你死了,你已经死了,”她在周日晚间的电视讲话中说道。“待在里面休息一下。”

Many of the island's 285,000 residents took heed, among them Fitz Bostic, owner of Rest Haven Beach Cottages, who said he's ready for utility services to be out.
  • 岛上28.5万居民中的许多人都注意到了,其中包括Rest Haven Beach Cottages的老板Fitz Bostic,他说他已准备好将公用事业服务推出。

“We have to be very cautious,” he said by phone. “The word ‘storm’ frightens me, man. I’m very nervous.”
  • 我们必须非常谨慎,”他通过电话说。“风暴'这个词让我害怕,伙计。我很紧张。“

Cruise lines sailing out of Port Canaveral, Florida, started rerouting their ships from the eastern to the western Caribbean to avoid the storm.
  • 邮轮航行了卡纳维拉尔港,佛罗里达,开始重新路由他们的船从东部到西部加勒比海避开风暴。

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Dorian could reach hurricane strength – defined as having sustained winds of at least 74 mph – by the time it arrives in St. Lucia early Tuesday morning. St. Lucia Prime Minister Allen Chastanet said everything on the island of nearly 179,000 people would shut down by 6 p.m. ET on Monday.
  • 多利安可以达到飓风强度 - 定义为持续风速至少为74英里/小时 - 到星期二早上到达圣卢西亚时。圣卢西亚总理艾伦查斯特说,岛上将有近179,000人在东部时间周一下午6点关闭

“We are expecting the worst,” he said.
  • “我们期待最坏的情况,”他说。

After moving across the Windward Islands, "Dorian could be near hurricane strength on Tuesday and Wednesday while it moves over the eastern Caribbean Sea," the hurricane center said. 
  • 飓风中心说,在横跨迎风群岛后,“多里安可能在周二和周三飓风强度接近东加勒比海。”

Residents of Puerto Rico, where about 30,000 homes with blue tarps serving as roofs provide a reminder of the devastation caused by Hurricane Maria nearly two years ago, lined up at stores to stock up on supplies such as food, generators and bottled water.
  • 波多黎各的居民,大约有30,000个带有蓝色防水布的房屋作为屋顶,提醒人们近两年前飓风玛丽亚造成的破坏,在商店排队等待储存食品,发电机和瓶装水等物资。

It's still too early to predict whether Dorian will hold together long enough to potentially impact the Bahamas or the mainland U.S., AccuWeather said. However, people in these areas should be keeping a watchful eye on the forecast leading up to Labor Day weekend.
  • AccuWeather表示,现在预测多利安是否能够长时间保持在一起足以对巴哈马或美国大陆产生影响还为时尚早。但是,这些地区的人应该密切关注劳动节周末前的预测。

A separate system is also strengthening off the southeast coast of the U.S., and it could become Tropical Storm Erin within the next couple of days. Although it's likely to remain offshore, the storm should still bring strong surf to much of the Atlantic coast this week, AccuWeather said. 
  • 另外一个系统也在美国东南沿海加强,并可能在未来几天内成为热带风暴艾琳。AccuWeather说,虽然它可能仍然在海上,但本周风暴应该会给大西洋沿岸的大部分地区带来强烈冲浪。

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